Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Like Talking to the Cat!

Have you ever felt like chucking your computer out the window and returning to the dark ages of pen and paper? It happened to me over the last 10 days. I made the decision to purchase my own domain www.feedmefarms.com, at the time I thought it was a simple endeavor.
That is when I discovered that trying to resolve a domain issue can be akin to "talking to the cat". At least for me.
Next time I will do more research before jumping in but here is the brief synopsis of my cyber experience.
1) Purchased my domain at godaddy.com
2) Followed instructions given by blogger.com to re-direct the blog (or so I thought)
3) Found out that if I had bought domain through blogger.com, they would have set this all up without such a struggle (note to self: research more next time)
4) blog site was not accessible for 48 hours but as per instructions, did not panic.
5) Could not access blog, attempted to contact blogger.com. Found out that contacting them directly was harder than contacting President Obama
6) Contacted godaddy.com, they have a great customer service group available 24/7.
7) Explained my situation, their geek patrol took a look and enacted some changes.
8) Day 6 & 7, website still says "this website is temporarily unavailable".
9) Contact godaddy.com again, they have done what they can and ask me to contact blogger.com, they tell me exactly what to request (easier said than done)
10) Day 8 & 9, I put my trust in the hands of the Blogger Help Group (other bloggers) I begin my request with ...."Give an answer as if you are talking to your cat"
11) Some nice help group blogger responds with exactly what I need to give godaddy.com
12) Last contact with godaddy.com , sent them the info that the blogger help group gave me. Within an hour, I was up and running.
13) Lesson learned - cats make good carrier pigeons! On the upside - all this down time gave me a chance to really tackle the heirloom garden...check out the progress.


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