Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bloom Where You're Planted!

WWhhooo....have decided to chronicle my adventures in heirloom gardening, farm animals, gourmet cooking, food history, farm life vs. city life and whatever else happens on this 1,200 acre plot of earth that we tend to. Every week or whenever the urge hits, I will share my experiences and adventures with others who have either taken the plunge and leapt off the rat race wheel of the city or with those who dream of doing it someday. I hope to reach others out there who share my love of cooking, raising livestock and specialty breeds, shopping from my very own produce section of my heirloom garden and just attempting a more green existence. I will be getting my hands and boots dirty for all of you who are living it or dreaming it. There are others out there blogging on these subjects and I want to thank them for being the real cyber pioneers. Westward Ho!

Stay tuned....


  1. I'm SO TOTALLY FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG! Salivating and praying that I can share your dream some day - perhaps in a smaller scale, I'd love a small farm, grow my own vegetables, make cheese/butter, jam.

    Cuneo is a massage therapist and vet assistant, I'm a nurse getting my masters in acute care and holistic nursing, so think of maybe having a little "wellness" thing...

    Sandy, so great to have you in my life sharing yours with me! You are an inspiration to my soul!

    Peace and lots of beijos,


  2. Thank you Claudia! I hope you find this blog entertaining, educational and a good read! I will also be posting recipes etc...keep commenting and let me know what you think!

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