Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extreme Bathtub Chick Fights

Got your attention! Actually, we just moved the baby chicks in from their brooder in the art studio due to the lack of electricity. Because of chicken killer dogs that live in the house, the chicks had to be placed in the only secure place we could think of, the one and only bathroom.
This seemed like the best idea at the time (for them, not for us but I guess that's why we have perfume and deodorant).
If you are raising chickens in an outdoor building area and something happens to their brooder, here is the quickest and safest thing to do. Step one - gather them up one by one and place in a card board box that can be closed while transporting. The important thing is to transport them to a warm, dry, safe area first. Step two - take newspaper or old feed sacks (we like feed sacks because they are sturdy)and line the tub. Be sure and cover the drain well. Add some wood shavings on top. Step three - add their feeder and waterier to the opposite end of the tub (farthest away from the drain). Hang a portable heat light or mechanics light and just add chicks.
I can attest that these little peckers are much more entertaining than reading a book while using the facilities.
We had them in the tub for two days until we could restore power to the studio.
Back to reading magazines for toilet entertainment!

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